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Is Dua Lipa doing the next Bond theme?
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Years & Years might have just let a big secret slip

Dua Lipa could be singing the next Bond theme if Years & Years are to be believed.

Sam Smith tackled the theme for the latest Bond movie, Spectre, in 2015. He won an Oscar for Best Original Song in 2016 for the song, titled ‘Writing’s On The Wall.

During an interview on BBC 5 Live, the band were asked who was most likely to get the job. “Because we had Judy Dench who was M, and Ben Whishaw who was Q, we thought it would be us,” Mikey Goldsworthy replied.

“I thought they’d ask us to do the theme tune but I think Dua Lipa is doing it,” he continued. “Am I not supposed to say that?” Frontman Olly Alexander quipped: “Do you have intel we don’t?”

Goldsworthy replied: “I dunno. I feel bad now. I’ve ruined everything. Well, hopefully, and then we’ll do it.” Listen to the interview here.

Lipa responded to rumours that she was being lined up to sing the theme for the next Bond movie earlier this year. “I would love to do it, but I’m not recording it… so far,” she said. “I don’t want to jinx it. I would love to do it.”

Bond 25 – the working title for the next instalment in the long-running spy franchise – will be directed by Danny Boyle. Daniel Craig will return as the titular agent, while Ben Whishaw and Naomie Harris are rumoured to appear. The film will arrive in cinemas on October 25, 2019.

18/07/2018 18:40:30
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