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Milk Teeth share new video for ‘Given Up’ – get an exclusive behind the scenes look
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The band are heading out on a UK tour next month

British punk trio Milk Teeth have shared a new video for recent single ‘Given Up’ – get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the clip on NME.

The new visual comes ahead of the band’s November UK tour.

“Given Up started as a more alt/folk acoustic song with a swung rhythm,” vocalist Becky Blomfield says of the song. “I put my head together with Em and we created something faster, with a lead line that is an ear worm. It’s simplistic in its format intentionally to highlight the lyrics and mood conveyed.

“I wrote this at a time where both interpersonal relationships within Milk Teeth and my romantic relationship (that had ended around that time) had me feeling frustrated and angry. I was a victim of gaslighting and felt like I was going crazy for almost two years which broke me down to nothing. This song represents the process of working through that time and feeling empowered and realising it wasn’t my fault.”

Watch the ‘Given Up’ video below.

Complete with mime make-up, the video sees the trio – Becky Blomfield (bass, vocals), Em Foster (guitar) and Jack Kenny (drums) – play the song while watched by some slightly confused and pretty angry onlookers.

Along with the release of the video, NME has an exclusive behind the scenes look at the clip – see photos of how it all came together below.

Milk Teeth head out on a UK tour next month. View the dates below.

November Thursday 7th – St Albans, The Horn Friday 8th – Swansea, Sin City Saturday 9th – Lincoln, 2Q Festival Sunday 10th – Bristol, Exchange Monday 11th – Plymouth, The Junction Tuesday 12th – Bournemouth, The Anvil Wednesday 13th – Guildford, Boileroom Thursday 14th – Birmingham, Flapper Saturday 16th – Sheffield, Record Junkee Sunday 17 th – Liverpool, Sound Basement

11/10/2019 19:06:36
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